Job Opening for Projectionist At Multiplex Theater

Full time posted 2 years ago

Job Description

Mukta A2 Cinemas Limited


“To clean the projection room with the help of house keeping Clean the platter Projector including each & every path where print passes. To prepare all the screens by checking the exhaust, cooling, blower, Lamp & water pump To clean the glass, speaker rack & sound system. To check each & every Amplifier for loose connection. To check the speaker connection. To check the Pink Noise inside the auditorium. To check each & every connection on the Console. To check the Yoke Stand Condition. To check the igniter connection. To check for any wire sagging front of lamp. To check the oil level. To check the connection on the contactor. To inspect the diode for any change on color due to overheat. To check the aperture plate alignment & corner of motion picture on the screen. To center the slide projector image on the screen. To calculate the total consumption of lamp hours with respect to screen. To maintain adequate stocks of lamp & spare parts. To check all blower used for rectifier & lamp is on working condition. To inspect the lamp flexible wire (melted or for broken strand) Turn ON the Lamp one hour prior to the main show. To check the prints in shuttling & to do the follow up. To screen ads do the presentation as per received schedule from sales team. To project slides inside the auditorium, changeover of each slide must be done after every 10 sec. To check threading before the show To inform Box Office & ushers if any print is coming late To do programming on Friday for new releases To check the I/O voltage & current (AMPS) of Stabilizer/UPS & Lamp console every 45min. To observe the Image quality on the screen, this needs to be done in every 10min. To observe the film path & smooth movement of Print on rollers, this needs to be done in every 10min. To check the function of all Amplifier on the sound rack. To check the function of Dolby Processor. To check whether sound played is on Dolby format. To adjust trailers & ads in the film To edit big films as per instructions of the film distributors To do normal trouble shooting To show slides in case of reel cut to avoid panic in the theatre To ensure proper maintenance in every 3/6 months To maintain log bookAny other activities that the Management may decide from time to time.”

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